How To Match Your Shirt and Ties

When dressing for more formal or upscale events, you need to make the right first impression, especially when dealing with clients or other businesspeople in the corporate world. But, whether it is for a business event, meeting or a formal party, a sharped-dressed man must be able to properly coordinate his tie and dress shirt. It is also important to note that proper matching of necktie with dress shirt starts with making a smart decision when purchasing clothing and tie.

To match your neckties with your dress shirts, it is important to have a neckwear that complements the clothing you have in your closet. Match your necktie to your clothing, not the other way around. The main point here is that you should not buy a necktie only because it looks great. You must buy the right tie that is proportional to your body and matches your clothing.

Components to Efficiently Match your Ties with Your Dress Shirts

There are also some vital components to understand when matching ties with shirts. It involves a basic understanding of color, pattern and proportion that you can use to establish an interchangeable wardrobe.

Begin with the suits and shirts that are easy to match and add a variety of flexible ties that enhance and accent the outfit you put together. As you do this, you will want to wear a tie more often because it doesn’t only add color to your complexion, but also make you look better.

The Right Proportion. The right necktie proportion relates to the length and width of the tie in regards to your clothing style and body build. If you are a large man with a wide front, you will look best with a wider than average necktie that’s long enough to reach your belt buckle. For petite gentlemen, they must look for smaller ties and shorter in length. If you’re close to an average size, try wearing neckties that range from 3 to 3.75 inches in width.

The Tie Pattern. When wearing patterned neckwear, it is important to ensure that the colors of the necktie don’t clash or don’t conflict with any patterns in the shirt. Make sure that the pattern isn’t present in the clothing when you are combining a patterned necktie with a shirt. A thin-striped necktie should not be combined with a thin-striped shirt. Remember that the same patterns close to each other can make distorted visual effects, like the illusion of movement.

Match the Right Color. If you are looking for a tie color that works well with your particular features, mimicking your natural contract level is a great way to go. those with fair skin and light colored hair should choose monochromatic and pastel color combinations and low contrast. For those with light skin and dark hair, high contrast works and they will look great with color combination that have clearly defined lines between them. For men with medium to dark skin color and dark hair, high- and low-contrast tie works.

Follow these tips and tricks on how to match necktie with dress shirt, and always look your best. When looking for high quality ties that will match your style, shop at